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Skye Diaries - Burning the Midnight Oil

Backdated to 26th April 2015

I've had a pretty busy week despite the fact the season hasn't really kicked off yet. Most of it has been spent with just one customer who really wanted to get out to do some astrophotography time-lapses and to see the aurora. It all started last Thursday when myself & Marcus picked up our customer in Portree. We broke the bad news to him that the forecast for the aurora didn't look promising for that night. He looked so distraught however that we decided to give it a go anyway. Later that night saw us all slogging our way up to the Old Man of Storr in the dark. As we walked a faint band of colour could be made out in the sky to the North; nothing to get excited about but considering I myself have never really seen the Northern lights it was still an incredible sight.

An hour later and we were almost at our desired viewpoint, framing the old man against the northern sky. All of a sudden the sky seemed to explode into colour, with spikes of pink and red shooting up above our heads. It took me several minutes to take in what was happening before reacting and getting up into position. These photographs were taken just after the main display, best viewed fullscreen (click for larger image).

After a long wait I was understandably elated to have finally seen the aurora borealis, and to have been treated to such a show in a spectacular location. The following nights saw me out finding locations for our customer to photograph the milky way. Luckily Skye has incredibly low levels of light pollution and we enjoyed great views of it arching overhead. I built up a fairly respectable sleep deficit but after a well deserved day off on my birthday on Wednesday I've now recovered and back out photographing the wildlife of the island. Stay tuned for the next 'Skye Diaries' coming soon!