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Skye Diaries - Settling In

Backdated to 8th April 2015

Rewind two months ago and I was sat in my parent's home in Essex beginning to despair. I'd just received another rejection for a job application. I was struggling with the problem that all aspiring conservationists must face at some point or another - the sheer, ruthless competition for a job in the environmental sector.

Fast-forward back to the present and I am sitting in a picturesque cottage by the coast on the Isle of Skye. Why? I have been immensely fortunate enough to secure a job as a wildlife & landscape photography guide, working with Marcus McAdam, an established and incredibly talented landscape photographer.

Photography has been a hobby (albeit an increasingly serious one) for 10 years now and provides an outlet for me to express my overwhelming passion for the natural world and it's wildlife. It has been up on a pedestal (that until now I thought would always be out of reach) as a dream job. But now I make my living by showing people the beauty of Skye!

Over the past few weeks I have been getting to know the Isle, it's locations and wildlife. I've had every type of weather one could possibly imagine just in one day and some unforgettable wildlife encounters already.

It has been a jam-packed few weeks already and this is meant to be the quiet part of the season, and with my diary quickly filling it up I'm set to be very busy, I've even had a personal photo shoot! I'm still getting used to the realisation that I'm now a professional photographer, but as I sit here writing the sun is coming out so I'm going to run out to find some eagles!

<Compulsory plug incoming....> Keep your eyes peeled for details of wildlife workshops on Marcus's website and you can find details of all the existing location and tuition workshops available. Skye diaries will hopefully become a new blog series documenting my time here on the Isle of Skye with quips, anecdotes, stories and of course photographs but as always be sure to check out my Facebook Page, Twitter and/or Instagram for more regular updates and the latest images.

Until next time... happy snapping!